Automate my weekly weight logging

This time – something not strictly related with electronics and home automation 🙂
Ok – maybe a little – if you own intelligent weighing machine and want to connect it directly to your central computer 😉

Every week after weighing in, I had to save my results to:
Grafana (local storage)

It was a little annoying to enter the same weight at those places.
So I spent some time on this and created a simple bash script to take care of this 🙂

It is taking one argument, which is the weight, and then it does:
– logging in to MyFitnessPal, saving the weight, logging out
– saving the data to InfluxDB
– starting a web browser with the grafana dashboard and results

My motivation dashboard in the Grafana looks like this:

I didn’t cope with saving to Endomondo yet but I am providing you mentioned bash script which you may find useful:

If you have done automated Endomondo weight saving, let me know!


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