Huawei SUN2000 monitoring

If you want a simple and reliable solution for monitoring SUN2000 inverter and only collecting parameters to InfluxDB database I’ve added a support for this inverter in my hard.

The daemon is written in Rust and doesn’t need any special python/perl dependencies to work.

The SUN2000 can expose RS-485 data via internal WiFi interface or even (with newest firmware) via Smart Dongle-WLAN-FE.
All interfaces are well described here in this post:

If you build the hard, the following minimal config is needed to connect to inverter and pass the data to the InfluxDB:




  1. From scratch how does one go about installing this on a vanilla RPI? are you able to provide some steps? Super keen to try this out and just want to read data from a Sun2000 have tried 5 or 6 different projects so far but none have basic install doco and I can’t get any of them working (other than directly using pymodbus to pull individual test data from the sun2000 to confirm the modbus TCP connection is working).

    1. Sorry, I am not good at writing tutorial at a basic knowledge level. I can only provide you some really general basic steps but it’s up to you to find some detailed information:
      1. Install and configure influxdb, create database named ‘sun2000’
      2. Install rust compiler
      3. clone `hard` repository and build the project using rust
      4. use the above config and run hard

      You’ll have the data in influx, then you can present it however you like, eg. using grafana…

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