bcm2835_i2c is the new i2c module on RPi kernels

Hello. Yesterday I’ve updated the kernel on my RPi from 4.4.11+ to 4.14.31+. Unfortunately the i2c stopped working despite the module bcm2708_i2c loaded.

Trying to add the ds2482 with command:
echo ds2482 0x18 > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-1/new_device
gives ‘no such file or directory’ error.

I reported this problem and have the answer 2h later! 🙂
The problem was with the i2c module. It has changed. Moreover if old module was loaded (my case) it could interfere with the new one. Now a new module called i2c_bcm2835 have to be used instead.
Note: the new module is not informing about the i2c initialization in the dmesg, like the old one.
Keep this in mind if you’re playing with i2c on new raspbians and kernels 🙂

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